Braden & Aspen - Snowy Engagements

Yep, I’m back to blogging, let’s see how long I can keep it up this time.

Do you ever just have those sessions where you’re like “yes, this is going to by my new favorite.” Well, this was one of those sessions. And Aspen brought her doge Kenai and you bet your ass the first thing I did was pet her, and yes you can sneak a peek of her in a few of the photos! Funny story, Kenai was running around playing in the snow and she went up to this lady and Aspen told her that Kenai is friendly and the lady got the biggest attitude and said “I don’t know that.” SO RUDELY. Maybe I’m just a crazy dog lover, but if a dog doesn’t growl or bark at me, I assume it’s friendly, and will pet the shit out of it. We had a good laugh because of how rude the lady was.

This was such a fun session from the start, despite the cold. Aspen said they weren’t photogenic and literally the first photo I took said otherwise! After I sent this session off I got such an awesome response from Aspen, and it made me love my “job” that much more. I love when people say they’re nervous or not good in front of the camera, but end up loving how the photos turn out. That’s the most rewarding thing in the world for me!

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