Zach & Jasmine - Snowy Portraits

I’ve been wanting to do Zach & Jasmines photos for so long now! She contacted me for her wedding, but it was on a weekend I had vacation planned, for a second I contemplated canceling my trip even. Haha! I do giveaways every now and then and Jasmine has always entered, and the most recent one I did she probably entered at least 200 times, it was a lot. I was honestly going to be shocked if her name wasn’t drawn. Well obviously by you reading this, she won! I’m always so grateful when someone who actually enjoys my work and wants photos done by me wins. And so Jasmine was so deserving of it! They brought their Golden Retriever Hudson, and honestly, made my day. I mean just look at him!

This was such a fun session, I love snow sessions now because snow fights are the best. I told Zach he could tackle Jasmine so he did, but he held her up and didn’t let her actually fall in the snow, true love or what?! Also, check out Hudson’s death glare he’s giving Zach for tackling Jasmine in the last photo. I laughed so hard when I saw that photo.

Forest - Green.png