George & Amanda - Zion Elopement

First of all, thank you SO MUCH George & Amanda for bringing me to Zion and allowing me to check a location off my bucket list! It was such a privilege getting to capture these photos!

This was my first time to Zion - that I could actually remember - and it did not disappoint. I always thought Sedona was amazing, but Zion is Sedona on steroids! Don’t worry, I still have love for OG Sedona. Waking up with the red rock shining so bright from the sun coming up, that it made my hotel room literally glow orange, was one of the coolest things to wake up to. How could you possibly have a bad day after that? You can’t! We first went to a trail with this tunnel, and it was so rad! Funny little behind the scenes story, there was this pool of water that was frozen, and these hikers came walking by and the dude decided he was going to walk on the ice instead of around it, needless to say, the ice wasn’t that thick. Poor guy had to hike the rest of the way with a cold, wet shoe. We were all kind of shocked he did that. Hahaha

Anyway, after our first location and a dress change, we went to Watchman’s Road for a few shots and then made our way to Canyon Overlook Trail. We were on a bit of a time crunch so we made it up that trail in about 15 minutes flat. I’m not sure how long it usually takes, but we were hauling. And my out of shape ass was dying by the time we got to the top. And we ended up having the most PERFECT lighting. And we got away from the crowds. You literally couldn’t ask for a more perfect elopement!

Compass - Sage.png

Our government is currently closed down, and it’s taken a toll on our National Parks. There are no staff to help maintain the park, there is no trash service, and the bathrooms that are open, don’t get cleaned. Please, if you go to the parks while the government is shut down, please treat everything with respect. Pick up your trash, pick up other people’s trash you see lying around. Leave no trace, always.